IPPD 2016

Indy Pagan Pride Day 2016 Booth Information

We have changed the fees to reflect the deadlines and requirements given to us by Indy Parks. We discount for registering early and charge extra for registering late. Please pay close attention to the times and what the fees are for each size spot. When we are doing the layout for the event, we will only plan for you to have the size booth you have paid for. If you do not fit in the space you have registered and paid for, you will have two options. Either, buy another space, moving the booth out of the main flow of the festival (away from where your spot is listed as in the program) or cram everything into the space you purchased, running the risk of not being able to put out all of your stock and missing a sale. Please do your best to register for a booth of the correct size. It is our sincerest wish for you to have as an enjoyable, profitable, and stress free festival as possible. Situations happen and can be dealt with, but our fees are not expensive, so, be liberal with the amount of space you feel you will need. That is the best approach to it at any time.

To register your organization or company for either kind of booth space, we require that you complete the IPPD Event Application on this website, linked to your left.

 We use this website for communication of information and news updates.