Booth Rules

Definitions: Business/Organizations provide services or sell mass produced products. Food vendors sell food items but may also sell crafts/art etc. as long as it is indicated on the application that they have both so they will be placed in an appropriate food location.

Vendor shall provide all items needed for the booth (tables, chairs, tent, water, generators, etc.).

Food vendors shall have a current Marion County food license (317.221.2222) and must submit a copy of their food license with their application. For requirements, refer to the food license rules published by the Marion County Health Department.

All vendors must comply with all fire, health, safety and other applicable laws, rules or regulations. Examples include:

Have a 2A-10BC fire extinguisher or 40BC if cooking food, in booth

  1. Generators must be fenced off from general public

No food can be sold unless you've notified us so you will be in a food vendor area.

Vendor set-up shall be confined to the space ordered. If you buy one space and you require 10'x11' you must purchase two 10' x 10' spaces, even if there is an open space next to you on the day of the festival.

Set-up is between 7:30 - 9:30 AM. You will NOTbe able to drive your vehicle onto the grounds after 9:00 AM.


Please come prepared to stay until at least 6:00 PM. You will not be able to get your vehicle in to pack- up until after the closing ceremony is over.

A space cannot be sub-let or given to another party without prior written permission from the Festival Committee.

Vendors shall keep their space, and area surrounding it, free of litter and trash at all times. All refuse must be disposed of appropriately. Used cooking oils and grease must be removed by the vendor and shall NOT be left behind in trash receptacles.

This is a one-day event with NO rain date or refunds.

Indianapolis Pagan Pride shall not be liable for any damage either to person or property, sustained by the VENDOR or by any other persons. The VENDOR further agrees that all personal property upon the premises belonging to vendor or any other person shall be at the risk of the VENDOR only and that the Indianapolis Pagan Pride shall not be liable for any damages thereto or theft thereof.

We reserve the right to require removal of any advertising or merchandise we consider to be offensive.

The Indy Parks system requires that all swords, daggers or weapons of any kind must be kept in a sheath or wrapped in protective wraps when sold. The VENDOR must inform the purchaser that all weapons purchased must be immediately taken to their vehicle and locked into their vehicles. No drawn weapons (other than as part of ritual) will be allowed in the park at any time. EVERY VENDOR selling weapons of any kind must post a visible and at least 8” x 10” sign outlining purchase policy.

Each VENDOR or Information Table is required to submit an item to the IPPD auction with a value of at least $10. Item must be presented to auction by 10 AM on morning of event.

Disregarding or ignoring any terms of this agreement are immediate grounds for suspension of VENDOR sales or privileges. (ie weapons policy or an info table selling anything [service or readings])

Payment for booth space constitutes your acceptance of the terms and conditions contained herein.